Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Shit man! (sic) I suggest we should have Keef on Question Time and look what happens- a whole book titled 'What Would Keith Richards Do' has just come out and I recommend it. His transformation from Satan's right-hand man to national treasure is perhaps only comparable to John Lydon's, and both make you think ALOT.
So I sat down this afternoon to watch 'Gimme Shelter' the highly disquieting film about the Stones playing the Altamont free festival in 1969. In 'Cocksucker Blues' (Dir. Robert Frank) the Stones come over as rather unfortunately stupid, in 'Gimme Shelter', the whole era comes over as not only stupid but dangerously stupid, and this makes you think ALOT too. Keef does however, refer to the 'cats who must cool it' while MJ looks just flustered and awkward as a guy is getting stabbed to death. This explains while the Stones had a problem with film makers at the time. (I'd better watch 'Shine a Light' later to see if this situation has changed- but I'm going to a residents meeting - what would Keith do?)
I stayed up late with the book, absorbing this self help manual of a new and intriguing kind. The philosophy, if there is such a thing, is pretty much 'I'm glad to be here, I'm glad to be anywhere', along with many other homespun comforts such as 'be yourself (find it first)' 'never feel guilty' and 'there's always the future'. The possibility that my hero might also be a bit of a dick head was rather disturbing but the book IS unauthorized, and Keef would have known better- I'm sure- I hope. I don't really want to consume Keef tea towels, but I certainly will continue consuming the legend.

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