Saturday, 23 May 2009

Did some reviews at the Bartlett last week - fairy stories. Made me quite ill in the long run. Lay in bed today wondering; how did we get to this? I guess firstly because there are no politics, and there is apparently no history. What we have is largely adolescent dreams of a technological tomorrow where we live in rubble with ears growing from our arms but still wearing Prada. I would say the propagation of such drivel might be educationally disturbing, but the consensus in the Bartlett, where apparently 'we don't ask why' is rather the opposite.  It seems that fairyland is the only place to be. Worse, in Fairy land (I did say once that Jennifer Bloomer was 'away with the pixies' and I didn't mean The Pixies) if you need to make a model you laser cut it out of bronze to the tune of £800. No wonder it is such a ghetto for the middle classes. As I said, made me ill, literally.


  1. I was lying in bed turning from one side to the other couldn't really get to sleep. What troubles me and doesn't let me sleep is the quote of 200gbp from Bartlett I have to pay for my 3D print model. But the most frustrating is that at LSBU where I study there is a 3D printer I just hopelessly try for 3 weeks to contact the guy who apparently is responsible for it but his not answering e-mails, calls in fact not even opening doors. Its like living again in soviet union total disorientation, confusion and lots of people who want to rip you off. Its just wrong.

  2. there is nothing to laugh about...I actually paid for it today, yes I did. In fact as I mentioned to Paul I regret that I am not a student at Bartlett. At last they a bit advanced. As far as I am concern the best thing that could to happen to LSBU is to be flooded in some kind of architectural regeneration scheme.

    So now I am painting my model gold and I thought of giving to my mum so she could proudly put it on the Tv as in good old soviet days but I realise that she has a flat plasma screen now. Never mind. Does anyone have creative idea what to do with 200 GBP 3D rapid prototyping model??