Saturday, 14 November 2009

Saturday afternoon. Julie's downloaded Spotify or something, then some other thing where we can get any film we want. What an incredible situation. Of course most people now take it for granted, but I can tell you that when she asked me what I'd like to hear (from the past) and I said 'I'm in Love with a German Film Star' by The Passions, and up it came, the first time I'd heard it in thirty years, I was overwhelmed. That was me! That record epitomizes me at that time- rather foppish, rather romantic, rather inclined to desperate unrequited love and the romance of place and time and weather. Big black overcoats were required to seal in our sensitive souls. A love of that twinkling guitar! I wonder where the Passions are now, and I want them to know they did something really really good for at least one person in the world, they insulated him when required. Oh so did Robert Wyatt ('Shipbuilding' 'At Last I am Free'). 
Julie's turn, and fabulously she chooses 'Peaches' by the Stranglers. I say- 'My God!- I've got you!- all in your Doc Martins and donkey jacket. 'Yes' she says 'Yes!' Doc Martins and a donkey jacket. 
I think that's love.

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