Sunday, 20 November 2011

Before They Make Me Run

So I'm sitting in my chair last night, Julie's baking bread, I'm not doing very much at all, but there is this show on Planet Rock about the Stones 'Some Girls' album of 1977. Now I have danced around a great deal to this record in the past, and it just so happens that there are not many tracks anywhere in the world that precisely record particular circumstances, so as Keef finally got to record that fabulous confessional 'Before they Make Me Run' as his life hit the buffers in Toronto, it was funny to sit there smiling in Bethnal Green as my life hit the buffers here. I noted it is not a sad song at all, in fact, it's full of optimism, and it made me smile a great deal more.


  1. Paul....

    I wondered where you were and now I know. I wish you a full and speedy recovery and I will read your blog to see how you are progressing.

    Simon (White Horse + Umbrella + Ducks)

  2. I forgot to recommend that you go to and see their Rolling Stones section. It will give something to do and cheer you up as well.

  3. Hi Paul, I'm a student in your AA HTS Class. Want to wish you a comfortable recovery and bring your attention that's always worth a read online. Bit geeky, but maybe the earlier posts would be up your street?

    Best wishes :)