Saturday, 21 April 2012


One of the more deeply unpleasant things about The Voice is the propensity of almost anybody to say they are 'blessed' the whole time. I wonder of this obsession is a consequence of genuine R&B roots, or just another fashionable affectation like 'sick'. However that may be exactly how I feel about the whole R&B thing anyway (which I only hear as background music - so I'm hardly an aficionado but then I'm not sure you can be) that thing being, is all this crying about bitches and booty, projected with a glorification of celebrity and consumerism, a reasonable, even revolutionary response to being shat on as a black person for generations, or is it simply symptomatic of the most crass stereotyping imaginable? I've heard that 'selling out' is now considered very cool indeed.
God knows why I was ever a 'populist' for in general terms it turns out I can't stand people. (Sure I ran courses in Architecture for Tourism and Popular Architecture, both of which I'm proud of for their commitment to architecture as a genuine response to zeitgeist, and which may demonstrate I'm ever hopeful). I mean this mass of people I am supposed to support, believe in, find solidarity with, lets give it that the excellent french fraternite. Watching the rest of the world creep in and out of a Shoreditch hotel bar at lunch time to a background music of R&B doesn't leave me with a good impression, neither does reading USA Today, The Daily Mirror, or watching CNN.
Still, the boiler's in, we are indeed blessed.

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