Sunday, 9 December 2012

Great Christmas Gift

Our quite lovely Reno book seems to be getting a new lease of life. All sorts are referring to it, and it bares credence to self publishing as a decent way to do things. We have a few copies left at £20, signed and editioned. It's not a big book size wise, but it packs a decent punch as the story of us two muppets spending Christmas in Reno in 2004. To buy use the link below.

Reno ‘The biggest little city’ did not disappoint.
Refugee hippies from San Francisco; marvellous
bar tenders (the book is dedicated to one of them, a
certain Doug Twist) taxi drivers playing BTO
steering with their knees; goats in Santa costumes
riding in cars; big trucks; fantasy girls; fights; dope;
antique markets and seductive, beautiful,
dangerous, surviving ‘Americana’ where you
nervously watch your back.

It's also nice it's part of Paula's  exhibition at the excellent Stockwell Studios.

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