Monday, 1 April 2013

Very Odd Indeed

Either we build bubbles or we bury ourselves underground, that description of the world of contemporary architecture by Zizek was ringing in my ears as I watched this Grand Designs. This is the sort of house that really worries me for all sorts of reasons, most of which I pretty much guarantee don't bother the owner/creators at all. It is an inadvertent statement of our times. First of all it's white, whiter than white, metaphorically white (the architects fetishize their cable trays) and it's underground, which call me old fashioned, is not where white things want to be, if they want anything, and if you, in your right mind want them at all. On top, at great expense, is a ruin and an old barn which is the architects office. How peculiar is that !?! The new things are created in an old thing, the thing that should celebrate air and sunlight is underground, the cable trays are fetish objects. Of course the whole thing consumes no energy at all. No one must consume any energy at all, just consume perfect whiteness,virginal fetish whiteness with mud smeared over it. How weird is that?
Of course there is great faith that this thing won't leak and won't flood, no matter the hubris it represents, and the architect herself, was totally jovial all the time about everything, she loved her cable trays without the slightest hint of irony or for that matter explanation! This building should put it's authors on the couch (if they've got one).

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