Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Will David Chipperfield wreck the New National Gallery?

Nice picture of the New National Gallery looking more German than ever. And as ever we hung out in the cafe/crypt where they still don't serve whisky and they hardly even serve anything. It is like a gift when the charming lady behind the counter admits she has a little shrimp soup. SHRIMP SOUP! We'll have all you got, and weisswine bitte, 'Out of Order' BUT there she has a little over here and WOW there's even a bit of cake! I love that cafe, and I shall be disappointed no doubt when David Chipperfield re-models/ruins the place next year. Then it will just be a million salads a la Tate Modern I suppose. Do people go to art museums to see any art at all these days, or are they just somewhere to walk the buggy?
The show, downstairs of course, was a terrible thing; Art 1945 On or something which just about reminded you how awful art has been for quite some time, especially in Germany. However, the bits to see, which lift the heart are the big sixties things in the room facing the courtyard. Hardly anything there quite rightly, just big things; a big Donald Judd and a big and terrific Morris Louis (I really could not imagine how he did them in his kitchen) which unfortunately a bunch of yummy mummies with their 4x4 push chairs had decided to camp in front of. I mean, breast feeding in front of a Morris Louis? Not right, but also very German. Would have made a great picture but you can't, of course, take one.
I hope a similar list of 'can'ts' find there way in to Chipperfield's contract, I know he's good and everything but I really hope they just restrict him to re-wiring. Please no salad bars, just do the switches in bronze. This is not a building for salad.

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