Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Jose Mourinho

I'm appalled by the amount of criticism idiotic pundits are throwing at Jose Mourinho, clearly the last rationalist in a dizzy world. Firstly he is condemned for sarcasm, but I like sarcasm, what else are you supposed to be when you are endlessly confronted by indulgent stupidity? Yesterday I read a student talk of 'the powers of the earth', well what are they, exactly? (moving and growing come to mind, not aesthetics) How can you not be sarcastic? My wife is accused of sarcasm all the the time and I love her for it, my tutors were cutting with it, so I consider it an 'art'. Now sarcasm, which Voltaire made a whole career out of, counts as trolling!
Secondly, Mourinho's master class not only includes demolishing Anfield, but his noting that 'there are many philosophers' in football who clearly know better than him. Hilarious, by inference, he takes on the whole intellectual establishment which prefers a bit of fun to hard work and application to the problem at hand. Honestly, I think he has re-invented English football for the better. I for one am hardly unexcited by his tactics, they are thrilling to me! Philosophers have after all discredited themselves in lack of application to the problem at hand.
The deeper interest here is that's how I probably like my architecture too; not cheap thrills, not a goal a minute, not a leaky defence, but something solidly built for a good reason (I include Las Vegas casinos here, they have a solid bottom line) Mourinho himself uses the architectural metaphor; 'you do not start a house with the roof'. In other words you have to start with a secure building plot, and a decent idea; Alberti would have agreed, but this is something I do not see hardly anywhere because we have become a bunch of twittering idiots.
Arsenal fans especially might reflect on George Graham before they join the clamour against Jose, but I'm not here interested in the partizan, I'm interested in the idea that Mourinho represents the last rationalist, the last clear thinker. If, and its a big if, Chelsea win tonight I will be rejoicing for that reason as much as for the tradition set in my youth (see above).

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