Friday, 6 June 2014

Being Positive

One of the more annoying things about our world is the demand we remain continually positive. Positivity only works for the very dull. I've just heard that Halifax advert again, where the photographer makes everybody look perfect and Halifax give her 'Extra' (presumably to buy another camera). It's the most mind bending crap. 'Always look on the bright side of life' is a joke not a credo. Positivity is Huxley's soma, least that's what it feels like, and we know his message wasn't exactly positive at all. Hipsters might understand that endless cheeriness never leads to greatness but it's not clear that is so, they seem to think they are somehow 'entitled' to the point of rudeness; but success demands a certain sanguine resistance to life's slings and arrows, not some belief that they are somehow incorrect, or worse, unfair.
I put on one of my favourite '45's; Bad Company's 'Good Lovin' Gone Bad' a rollicking tune with Mick Ralphs at his very best. It is one of those records, a hangover from growing up in the fifties no doubt, where exuberance is found in a world where women let you down and you are sad and then you are bad. (It is almost the exact twin of 'Movin' On' from the first album, but better.) People call it cock rock.  Whatever, it's clear life continues all the same; the universe does not collapse, in fact, such events are what makes the universe shift. I'd put it up there as good as any Stones single.

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