Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Modernist Approach to Planning

With university departments having to cut across the board, it was interesting to think today, just like Le Corbusier seventy five years ago, that modernism was simply more economical. These days architecture students have to flounder around in search of any old 'idea' which nine times out of ten turns out to be a bad one, in search of their beloved project. Give them a good dose of modernist pragmatism and all this shit would go by the wayside; you'd note that the student had either manipulated the system well, or not, and not have to ponder the myriad of versions of creativity they blindly offer with regard to 'materiality', 'floating crisp packets in the air', 'moustaches' or the significance to planning of the 'Black Exodus' all which could largely be seen as a waste of time. This of course would also cut teaching hours by at least 3/4.
We really are missing a point here.

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