Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ok, we are close to the end of western civilization. Danyl nearly went out of X Factor. This travesty, this truly horrific moment displays all our psychosis and mean despair. That you yes you, nearly vote out the best singer in a singing competition is a demonstration of how stupid we have all become as folk who enjoy a simple talent competition. I shall use this information for weeks in theory lectures, I shall use it as a precise demonstration of .... you know the rest.
However this also makes me out to be a total fucking modernist, when I should be surfing on the absurdity of it all. Oh well.  

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  1. You are entirely right! However, the simple talent contest format has been magnified to as I said a Nuremberg rally - flash-bangs and woop woops!
    On your earlier post, bloggin is a waste of time, but some could also say that about taking three years to do a PG Dip. What a fantastic waste of time (and money!).