Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bethnal Green met Las Vegas today as I sat in The Old George watching the cable guy rig up more TVs. It was pleasant to be the only one in there, but more than that, I could observe carefully the modern world. Making the electronics function is no doubt a big industry. Many guys all over spend their days on how to equip facilities with feeds from Italy or Spain to watch football in Fulham or Florence on fifteen screens. Since I was the only one in there I suggested to Keith, the landlord, much engrossed in this process of improvement, that it should be 'dancing girls' next. The Old George is a big place, and with just me in it a bit of a waste. You know what he said- 'I'm thinking about it'. In which case I shall endorse myself as chief architectural consultant. I already have ideas!
The lecture at the Bartlett was much about this sort of thing.

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