Sunday, 31 January 2010

Have not blogged for a while- a clear case of blogging disfunction. Whether life is just too awful to write about or simply just too tedious to bother who knows.
But I've been busy lecturing, and pleased to receive emails demanding extended lectures because 'I'm a provocative cunt' - all in the nicest possible way- makes you feel better. Got a gig in Oxford tomorrow, that bunch of estate agents in that particular middle class concentration camp are really going to get it.
I'm concerned for a TV show last night, a dating show that appeared to adopt all the qualities Albert Speer and Leni Reifenstahl gave to the Third Reich with NO SHAME AT ALL. I asked Julie this morning ' Is there anything redeeming about that show we saw last night? She said 'No'. 'Not even the ritualistic humiliation of men?' I said in the lift. 'No'. The girls were arranged as if in some brothel line up, they chose the guy up to a point by switching off their interest. The bloke attempted to charm them. It appeared the needs of the ladies involved lurked very much on the surface of their lovely outfits. Eventually the bloke chose from those ladies who had perhaps in desperation left their lights on . The girls had a universal love of champagne and Peter Andre lookalikes with Irish accents, but were disturbed by magic tricks. Fuck me, since we live in a fucking magic trick.
Julie also said that all the girls would have turned all their lights out straight away if I went on the show, for all I'd have wanted to do was to fuck them publicly over the champagne bar table.
Weirdly, this strikes me as the precise appeal of the show; those unfortunate inner thoughts, and it does not bode well for western civilization. JG Ballard would have understood this as the truth of our times, and perhaps our future.
Poor Cilla Black- Blind Date was just a tea party.

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