Monday, 1 February 2010

I usually don't blog about football or the university.
However, I feel so worried for those who are pouring their hearts out over the John Terry affair, I feel the need to present a little rationality (not present in the media)

1. We call our fellow creatures ex-boyfriends or girlfriends for a reason. It means they are available. All of us have had that terrible time when an 'ex' sleeps with our friends. So that team Bridge stuff is just idiotic- go cry in private like we all have.
2. If we confuse football with church, you may have an England team of 11 Cliff Richards, and there aren't 11 of him and I think he's dodgy anyway. And we'd lose.
3. A football team of non adulterers would be impossible, even in the pub team.
4. Footballers play better when there is trouble in their lives- It's a fucking diversion from the miseries of life in the first place- to fuck off and play football (ask my nephew)
5. Whoever thought that people who are good at sport are good at being good. Explain why they should be?
6. Anybody who takes takes a footballer as a role model is obviously an idiot.
7. Girls love footballers

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