Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Day off. Just been playing the Foos and the Eagles (see below- not The Eagles) pretty loud while cooking a hopefully resounding vegetable curry. I'm sipping whisky and I've got to meet a guy in half an hour. The music felt fantastic, resounding everywhere, especially that deep bass you get upstairs out of the living room- that thumping noise. I like all that, it's like a gig when you are in the foyer. Now I'm enjoying the silence as much, just like you do after a gig also.
So I've read my Roland Barthes (Mythologies) on the significance of Steak and Chips and Wine, and wonder of it will 'connect' with my students in third year. And I've sat at my new writing table and not written much at all, and I've watched of terrible events on the television to do with Poles under Stalin. I do this allot, but without the new writing table which is a little intimidating to be honest.

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