Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Someone Saved My Life Tonight (1975)

Strictly post midnight miserabilism, this is the best miserabalist record until you turn Goth, or subscribe to Joni Mitchell. This is one of only two really good Elton John records (the other is Tiny Dancer) and both lyrics were written by Bernie Taupin. Captain Fantastic was a terrible LP I took back the day after I bought it and even then it was second hand. I probably swapped it for something by Joe Walsh. However, this song is terrific but only when you are pissed and miserable and something in the arts. It is a good song for architects...'at least my music's still alive' jots Taupin, as the story of loss to total mediocrity is played out like a Patrick Hamilton novel before our ears- DON'T MARRY HER, DON"T DO IT! it is supposed to scream, but I also like it as a metaphorically gay record- proved right of course, and the plea is reasonably generalist; please don't let me end up in almost had your hooks in me... cookie cutter housing!! (substitute your own discipline). It's like a sort of homely Ayn Rand to the massed ranks of young strivers for their art, but it screams sensitivity (unlike Rand) and even though you should be careful with your schmaltz, I love it.

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