Monday, 10 September 2012

Why I sometimes pull posts..

I had to pull yesterdays 'Why is Seb Coe so Unlikeable' post on the grounds I was clearly suffering from Olympic exhaustion and had started harbouring obscure Ballardian sexual fantasies for Clare Balding. I also realized (in the dead of night) that writing about the reason I dislike Seb Coe so much demands far more effort beyond being purely punch drunk. I certainly think I have to write a piece of fury against the Christian right, and I've no idea if he's even one of those, but he looks like one, and he's a peer, so research is necessary. The Christian right have a remarkable gift for believing in God, the apocalypse, and themselves.
I also have to write a second piece (as it says here on a scrap of 4am cardboard scrap, seized in the dark) which is entirely linked, against the media employed by the machine which is busy destroying our lives. I mean here The Machine as Burroughs presented it, which is determined to render every individual with the attention span of a hamster by 2020, unable to consider anything beyond which toothpaste to buy and the softness of their shiny coats.
You could put it another way, there used to be the grid, symbolised by marvellous 1000 tonne architecture like Mies' National Gallery Berlin, and now there is the Matrix, symbolised by what exactly? Warm fuzz in the head??

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