Sunday, 26 May 2013


Its all high fives and tears, the coaching lark. I am struck by The Voice in particular. Jesse J is clearly very irritating and slightly insecure, Will i am is the opposite, Danny's a prat and Sir Tom Jones is just Tom Jones, he elegantly cries when he has to make the awkward decisions he has to because that is the format of the show. He doesn't want to make those decisions, he knows they are stupid. What's really stupid and eloquent about the Voice is it shows us eloquently just how stupid our system has become, a world where winning and losing, even if you are really good in the first place, is everything. It is a bit unfortunate to make people who are really good at what they do compete unless their gift is athletics, I guess that is the essence of professionalism, to avoid such a thing. I don't want my doctor or my artist or my architect to be in competition to be the best, I want them to quietly get on with it. This is especially upsetting when there seem to be so many people around who are cast outs, many of whom seem to populate Bethnal Green Road.
Even when we were watching the Eurovision Song Contest last week, I noted my extended family members from St Albans saw the whole thing as a competition. I don't see the Eurovision Song contest as a competition, I don't care who wins, nobody with an ounce of intelligence cares who wins, but these guys with their lives full of swimming galas and kids football, saw everything as the Champions League. It was depressing.
I was thinking that judging Eurovision was just like criticising contemporary architecture, so here's those Eurovision marks in full:
Bore 2; Shoes 3; Rising Skirt 5; Ding Dong 8; Long Arms 4; Eyes like a Seal 7; Begins in Black and White 8;  Beautiful People 7; Sweet 9; Pretentious Crap 0; The World is Ours 9! Black Sabbath (Not) 4; Birds 12; Tranny 3; Forgettable 4; Suspicious Trousers 3; Amelia as a Boy 10; Barefoot 2; Rick Wakeman 6; Circus Circus 1; Novelty 0; Exploiting Giants 5; ? 3: Techno Gothic 11; - ?

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