Thursday, 16 May 2013

Jockeys on Coke

I've lived in Newmarket. I have built work there; bungalows for one Matt Sharkey. It is the only place I've lived where the reputation of it's working class (jockeys, stable lads etc) and upper class (owners of horses) can't get worse. They fuck on pub staircases!! That's what they used to say to me. I never saw it, but I can believe it. It must be something to do with grooming the horses. They fuck like rabbits, horse people are famous for fucking like rabbits, and surely it is no surprise they do the hokey cokey. Newmarket was a very curious place to live, it seemed to represent the best and worst of Britain at the same time; once I had to show my architectural drawings to a man who wouldn't get off his horse.

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