Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Le Corbusier's Radio

This is an intriguing thing; a radio designed by Le Corbusier for the Brussels World Fair of 1958. Well it may not actually be by him, it looks too funky to me, too futuristic, too Googie, after all a radio is just electronics in a box, and so from my understanding of Le Corbusier's design principles I would expect a neat box but not a way out one. This looks almost contemporary. If I set a project for a box (or for that matter almost anything) to contemporary students, this is the kind of result I would get. 
LC was working on the Phillips Pavilion for the Fair with Zenakis. Together they came up with a very strange pavilion and an electronic poem to go with it. All in all the World Fair itself was very strange indeed, featuring the Atomium for one, but also an incredible shooting rocket of a pavilion for the USSR. It was all very atomic age. This is an early example of a product tie in, or signature piece. Meanwhile LC was most of the time in Chandigarh pretty much doing the complete opposite. 
This item came up on eBay the other day, I lost out on it for £77. I'm not sure if I'm relieved, because I just can't sustain all this junk, or severely disappointed, because as I said, this is a very intriguing little thing.

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