Friday, 1 November 2013

Sick Again (Slight Return)

Getting sick alleviates pain, it is pain of course, you have to go through hell, that horrid 'God I'm going to die' type stuff in the middle of the dark night, but after you finally collapse to wake at noon, some calmness descends, and you're left to yourself in the grey of day in an empty flat, just a bit numb, with classes cancelled, suddenly painless and spiritually lightweight. At least there are some benefits.
Sickness is a symptom of malaise, yes maybe that's better, so when you find yourself up all night with your bowels tied up in knots, it's not them thats getting to you, it's not even the pumpkin soup, it's probably a raft of other things, like Stalin, or your dad, or that e-mail where you actually said what you meant. At least that's what you hope.
I could blame it on the pumpkin soup, but the pumpkin soup was very good. I could blame it on Halloween itself, seeing as there is actually a real box of Halloween branded tangerines on the side in the kitchen, and I'm inclined to think Halloween branded tangerines bring madness in themselves. The word tangerine doesn't even appear on the Disney packaging, they are now called just 'Halloween Easy Peeler'.
When I was young, Halloween hardly existed, now it's a heavy industry. Instead we used to celebrate The Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes! The blowing up of Parliament!! What a noble tradition that was. Now poor Guy hardly gets a look in for omnipresent gouls and goulishness. Perhaps it's a symptom of going soft that brings on this indigestion.

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