Wednesday, 19 March 2014


When I eventually got home this morning I realised that I hadn't walked anywhere for five days. I'd moved, but I hadn't walked. Usually when I come home from the USA it's straight to bed, but this time I was amazed to feel compelled to 'walk down a street' and even 'make my own sandwich'. Certainly watching 'Gravity' on the way over there in that 777 was appropriate (above) meanwhile an overdose of special effects and product placement in 'Skyfall' anticipated my time in Houston to a tee, since it was was an overdose of special effects and product placement. When I bought a loaf of bread this lunchtime and the girl behind the counter said 'have a nice nice day' I genuinely snarled. When I heard my street wise companions remarking 'fuck this' and 'fuck that' I rejoiced!
The lady who ran the funeral service I attended over there was so convincing I had to ask how she knew my uncle Jean Claude, the answer was that she didn't, never had, but it was her job to make it real and she'd done her research. Shades of 'The Loved One' there alright, but somehow amped up. In the five days I was there, CNN ran NOTHING but non stop paranoia on the Malaysian 777 disappearance, nothing. I was both stupefied and fascinated. Every single TV drama I tapped in to (NCIS etc) involved hacking, strange powers, and global threats. Man, I was glad to get out of there and 'walk down the street' and encounter a singular loony at the bus stop, rather than a whole civilization in such a state.

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