Sunday, 16 March 2014

Houston we have a Problem 2

Of course you don't have problems in Houston. You forget your toothpaste, you phone down for some, it arrives in seconds and then the phone rings to check you got it. Last night the waiter asked  me if I minded him taking a photo of my steak as I cut in to it to check it was cooked just right. My god, there he was photographing my meal as it posed for the camera. Too weird. I guess this is what technology does, it makes us more indulgent, and makes your cooking suspect.
The Americans here are most concerned that a 777 cannot be found but nobody has mentioned 'Thunderball' yet. They are also very agitated over Crimea like it was their back yard. I suppose it is their back yard, the world is American, it's just the rest of us haven't got this far.
But where is it going? You can't help thinking you have no idea, they have no idea, but they have something totally perplexing as a generator; the right to happiness. On the one hand it seems so obvious, so correct, it's just the English, being used to misery, carping. But happiness, what a strange thing to drive a civilisation, since in itself, happiness is a bit unstable.

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