Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sunny Day

It's New York in 1975, and exotic dancer Sunny day is protesting at the lack of funds in the public coffers. The more I think about this the more peculiar it becomes. Strippers campaigning for public funds! How extraordinarily public spirited. Mind you, that is exactly what Lady Godiva was doing when she took her husbands bet to ride naked through Coventry, if he would stop taxing the populace so harshly.
What's in a name? Well that's another sign of the times. Dancers nowadays are likely to choose names like 'Shadow' or 'Diamond'. I imagine last on their list would be something as innocent as 'Sunny Day'.  
Where have all the flowers gone?
Of course she's not nude, she wants to protest, not get arrested, so the provocation is mild, as is the placard, but she is on a horse, and that can't be easy to find in downtown NewYork New York. She is also siting side saddle; maybe that's comfortable as well as demure, and she appears to have now assistants, no compadres. Perhaps she's more powerful for all that.

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