Thursday, 29 January 2015


It's taken a long time to get back to biking, or triking for that matter. What happened in the middle? Boozing probably. So we are off down to Wales to talk to trike people. To talk to trike people you have to go to Yorkshire or Wales, which might say a lot; trikes are not really a metropolitan thing, but we need boot space, and we thirst for the road, and you know what, with a trike, it's a design exercise.
So whether it's a Harley donor or a Goldwing, whether kit or bespoke build, everything down to the piping on the paint finish needs to be decided. Oh god.
For this exercise I start with another model (see below and see above) the only model trike I've found, a Harley Tri-Glide commemorative from Obama's election, and several back copies Trike Magazine, surely one of the more esoteric of publications, for trike riders may, if the whim descends, build anything, base it on The Magic Roundabout, whatever. We are not talking products here, these are works.
But that is also very cool indeed, very correct in principle. You get craft, you get engineering, and of course you still get cold and wet.
We prepare, no way we are going to turn up without helmets, jackets, gauntlets and all the rest. I figure if we begin to look the part, we'll become the part. That, after all, is why I've ended up with a ZZTop beard. And we have to start now, building takes twelve weeks, so you commission one of these things in the chill of winter for your blasts of summer breeze. This will be quite a ride. 

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