Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bodie and Doyle

Looking through this blog it's clear that I seem to like things that repeat themselves, that do variations on a theme. This might include records by The Cult or ACDC, watching films like Where Eagles Dare an inordinate number of times, or watching strippers in the White Horse and probably extends to my enjoyment of Mies van de Rohe and the tease that I find fascinating in the eminently thematic Le Corbusier. It is clear I am relatively unimaginative in this way, I like the fact that all Harley Davidsons are variations on a theme, and that none of them are dependent so much on ideas, but stand as variations, and that the idea is variation in itself. This is also why I can hardly bring myself, as we crawl to the end of year, to find myself in such proximity to so much rather frivolous creativity in terms of student design work. Unless I can see the links to something else, I'm lost. Watching somebody else's  gratuitous creativity bores me to tears.
With this in mind I have renewed enthusiasm for the re-runs of The Professionals at 5pm on ITV4.
The villains are always involved in dastedly plots to destabilise good old Blighty, their molls are always heroin or coke addled posh girls, Body and Doyle always disobey orders, Gordon Jackson always reaches for the whisky bottle and that's about it. However, this time around I do note that originally they chased around in cars by British Leyland across deserted industrial sites, while the enemy drove Fords, but reliablility issues dogged filming schedules and they all ended up in Ford Capris: a startling visualization of Britain's industrial decline.

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