Friday, 17 April 2015

Whisky Sours

Like many people I have to watch what I'm drinking, usually in horror and with a certain resolve to walk a mile or two the next day and drink a bottle of Badoit. The problem of course is that I, we, and they (rare guests) all enjoy drinking way beyond governmental guidelines, and I imagine most of government enjoys it too. Historical precedent doesn't help either, imagining Mies with his two lunchtime martinis can easily push you off the rails, and only remembering that Ian Fleming died at fifty six might get you back on them again.
But I have realised one thing, staring at the depleted whisky bottle this morning but feeling decidedly perky, that it must be the mix of lemon juice and sugar added to the sour that mitigates against a hangover. Given the qualities involved, I should have been on the floor (still in bed), but some remarkable chemical reaction has conspired to keep me on my feet and functional. This is a good thing to know.
Other tips include tequila when feeling a little low. That was something I learnt from Las Vegas. Of course the splendid margarita also involves the lemon. And afterwards, the next morning, lemon juice with honey nicely chilled. This could be the secret to a happy life.

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