Thursday, 10 December 2009

Apparently these posts are getting a little grumpy. Actually tonight should change that- but not quite. Spotify+ Apple + Bose (Bose arrived today, fitted by clever Julie). Very simple, I'm like a squirrel on hazelnuts. Too bad this new combination of technology shortens your attention span so you only seem to listen to the first ten bars of any song before move on to the next nostalgic gem- it's musical crack; The Ruts! Funkadelic! Duncan Browne!(?) Wishbone Ash! Robert Wyatt! Blue Cheer!!! it won't be long till I'm on to Steve Hillage and Gong. Is this a good thing? I already feel rather edgy.
I'll have to play some Jamaican stuff; Sly and Robbie- but they rattle the windows. Those people at Bose know what they are doing.
Love to all for the holidays when I've promised to rest and recuperate. Gotta get my head together. No Parties- always a disaster.
Yeah, Sly and Robbie.


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  2. That's the trouble with spotify/downloading music etc; the flicking. Everybody 'knows' loads of new bands and can stand in the pub and say 'have you heard of such and such' but you don't really get to 'KNOW' the music this way. You know the way when you were a teenager and you bought an album not knowing when you'd buy another, you really listened to that album, the good tracks and the bad. It also meant that an album was an album not just a collection of songs.

    I think it's great use these methods as tools to discover a band and then go out (even virtually) and buy the album.

    That's one of my favourite rants anyway. In fact I might make a blog post in the same vein...