Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bloody Hell, just spent the WHOLE EVENING (Julie out photographing burlesque) listening over and over to the Foo Fighters. The Pretender, My Hero, Times Like These, these to me, with the benefit of lots of whisky, a day of 'crits' (how I hate that word- and to be honest everything the system involves- I really just want to talk abut architecture in a beautiful way) and damn fine speakers and amp (never buy cheap) have suddenly become essential, and I mean that in a bigger way than just ' I like it' What you like matters fuck all. The issue is what might it mean! Much to the annoyance of Pat next door I'm playing this stuff over and over again and might even forget to eat! Rock and Roll can still sound like salvation. That is a very,very good feeling. Maybe I'll flood Theory 2 with the Foo's tomorrow.
Stone Temple Pilots did the same thing to me.
And Zeppelin of course (saw them at O2 - guest list-you need to have good pals).

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