Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I can't help it, I like the Foo Fighters. I wouldn't say I'm a fan, I don't buy their actual albums, I ask other people to buy them for me, but coming in out of the rain tonight, realizing you've forgotten basic supper ingredients, Julie out at some lecture and so on; the Foo Fighters slot right in quite loud and appropriate, and we have new neighbours to educate. Of course it's the Greatest Hits album which marks me totally middle aged, but you'll all get old sooner or later and buy greatest hits albums because you have to trust somebody else, and I hope I can still shake my head (hopefully with hair) with the best of them till I die. In fact, I'm sure I'll listen to this album more than I will the Nirvana Greatest Hits I also possess but never play. This may make Dave Grohl very clever, he certainly looks very clever, he has a very good look . He on (in my opinion). 
I remember dancing to Feels Like Teen Spirit for the first time- I smile as I think about it, some dingy SOHO nightclub with the eminent Jo Hagan spinning the discs and me and Alex de Rijke smashing the place up in a virtual way (because we are both rather polite young architects back then). Now of course, Alex is a real architect.
The Foos are also sublimely AMERICAN. It takes me back 
The Foos may be the new/old Cult.

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