Friday, 7 May 2010

I realized something extraordinary an hour ago. This was the last day of my teaching year. I will start teaching again late september. The time between is entirely devoted to examinations (squabbling of one kind or another) plus a holiday to get over the squabbling and do some work (I don't count student work as my own work) plus forward planning, meetings meetings and more meetings which will get us nowhere and more meetings besides. Now of course you think 'lucky bastard!' but I'm thinking 'what insanity!' Also, we lost maybe three weeks teaching doing even more examinations a whisker ago just after Christmas. I'm not sure that if you want to educate 50% of eighteen + year olds in university, examining them like scientists like this is exactly the way to go.
Thankfully Angie was removing her clothes as I had this Pauline moment.
I am delighted to find Gordon Brown staging the most champion comeback in the name of being able to call a bigot a bigot. That is not the same as enjoying vast administrative idiocy, I just want to shut down Eton.

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