Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Looking at Heston Blumenthal makes me worry about Jamie and Gordon. Heston is a man who understands food as tasty carbon atoms. In a world where we are encouraged to romp through the fields in search of sausages from Sainsburys or to shoot our own snowgoose in the name of authenticity, Heston is a marvel. If he were 1960's sculptor he would be Robert Smithson - he wonders about the very nature of things. Meanwhile (have you noticed?) he consistently makes food that LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING ELSE! He is not only Robert Smithson, he is Walt Disney too! Last's night's '70's Feast' took Noddy Holder rather too obviously back to his schoolboy childhood by evoking memories, not the fact that this is a lovely carrot from bla bla.
The point? Heston exposes the processes of industrialization, for this is how companies make our food, and he exposes how cheaply and crappily they do it too, because, by comparison is Jamie's cuisine any better for you than Heston's? I doubt it.
Been ill, this is the kind of stuff you can think up when your ill.

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