Monday, 31 May 2010

This is Houston, a picture taken some years ago in Las Vegas.
I was lying in the bath just now and from the bath you can see a work of art I truly treasure but probably qualifies as no art at all. In fact it comprises four separate works (as seen from the bath). First is an altar piece of ten porn stars at 10x8 we have known and loved if only for a few seconds. At least we bloody well met them. Some are famous, like Christy Canyon, Houston and Sunset Thomas, others are not, like 'Butter'. They are of course dutifully inscribed with adoring exclamations. Next, top left, is Julie's pic of the empty stage at The Palomino strip club in Las Vegas, below that, a framed copy of my first Mayfair magazine, and below that a framed copy of Rolling Stone from 1975 with of course Mick and Keef on the cover looking 'elegantly wasted'. When I wonder what the hell life is about I lie in the bath and look at those pictures hanging on the wall and think- probably that.

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