Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Country Life

I'm back (thank god) from more family in Peterborough. The weird thing about country folk is they appear to believe us city folk don't understand them, so that's why they are happy to vote in the Conservatives over and over again.
This bemuses me, there is still the Lord of the Manor, there are still the serfs who claw a living from the scraps. Meanwhile the countryside appears more industrialized than even Bethnal Green. Talk to a farmer and you soon realize that getting 25p from a £1.35 carton of milk is simply a 'the way things are' and that we waste 30% of produce or more in the service of the consistent looking fruit and vegetables in Tescos, and then nobody says 'this is stupid'. We seem to be breeding stupid. And then, as if this wasn't enough, everybody seeks solace in Primark on Bank Holiday tuesday. I saw them all clogged up on the ring road, I was clogged up in the ring road too, and when I finally arrived at the Great Northern Hotel opposite the station, their computers were down and they couldn't even make a cheese sandwich. Then I felt even worse on the cattle truck back to London.
Given the way things are going, when I was watching Dr Zvivago this afternoon, I was firmly with the revolution.

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