Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mr Assange

I have a tiny (!!!) suspicion that Mr Assange's detention by the boys in blue is a fit up. What worries me is how many people care. It seems to me that a man dedicated to telling the truth should be rather celebrated, not 'fit up' with sex crimes in Sweden , although if you are going to indulge in sex crimes, Sweden is traditionally the place to get away with it.
In line with such curiosities, I wonder if I might posit that either 'Babestation' or 'Red Light Lounge' are the most honest bits of British broadcasting. The girls sit their wiggling whatever they have to wiggle under whatever regulations appear, rather ridiculously, to be in place. They appear bored and fed up (much like the rest of us) they don't have so many prospects either (being stuck there for hours) so give them a break, and meanwhile there is a certain mesmeric charm to their activities, a certain dedication, well bereft in 99% of mainstream programming.
If only Robbie Savage, who I greatly enjoy on Five Live radio, were suddenly in charge of the whole of the BBC. It would be more honest for sure.

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  1. It's ruddy obvious it's a stich up!

    Paul, you didn't turn up at the C & H today. Can you contact me soon re:reference? Ta