Tuesday, 14 December 2010


There are some records you really shouldn't like, I would include anything by Chris Rea in this category, but I still SORT OF like Steel River even though it makes me wince. The worst of the records I'm pretty much ashamed to like is Rush's 'Spirit of the Radio'. This particular 'Canadian power trio' comprises three 'consummate' musicians who since 1968 (!) have achieved a distinct lack of critical acclaim but sold godzillions of albums to people I'd be scared of, probably, given my own little scare with the demon (see below) because they'd be offering me a chat with 'Tor and the Snow Dog'. Neil Peart, the consumate drummer( and just listen to him on 'Spirit of the Radio'!!) was voted at least third worst lyricist of all time at least once. However it is the only thumping rock record which suddenly hits some reggae by mistake near the end, and that endears me to it. I think of Venturi's Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture here (1966!). However I'm not very fond of Venturi's book even if I should be (guilt) although it does have some very bad lyrics despite technical virtuosity just like Rush. However these comparisons are unfortunately very limited, even if they are fun, for the truth is, if I were in Vegas right now and Rush's song was playing over the casino floor I'd boogie (sadly) without conscience and say to my companions 'But just listen to that drumming!'

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