Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lenin, Mao, Goebbels

Last night Amazon asked me if I wanted to twitter the fact that I'd bought 'Joseph Goebbels: Life and Death'....
I don't. But if I did, should I add my other purchases I wondered? Or was it just the mention of Goebbels (incidentally one of the three most important figures of the twentieth century alongside Mao and Lenin) that had stirred the beast? Of course, the point is Goebbels himself would have very much approved of this little mechanism. The other day Julie googled herself and Reno and up came my blog I'd written precisely nine hours earlier - where Reno isn't even mentioned! The machine knows! Ooooh Errrrrr.
In case anybodies interested I'll admit to a sabatier kitchen knife, four sets of miniature photo postcards (Alpine), antique postcard of Goethe's study featuring interesting waste basket, antique postcard of a cable car (Alpine - See Above) and an antique miniature carved Alpine hut disguised as a moneybox from Antwerp (guess we'll all soon need one of those) and confess to total madness.
Whether it be Ebay or Amazon, it is clear they know everything. Any minor fixation urges my pushers to 'recommend especially for me!' And they do this on an almost hourly basis. If I didn't check in a couple of times a day they would assume I was dead and probably tell everybody.

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  1. What's your logic for picking Mao, Lenin and Geobbels?

    Why not Jobs, Gandi or Muhammad Ali? They all changed the world.