Thursday, 5 January 2012


My e-bay enthusiasm for the retro seems contagious to many things, from paperback books to re-runs of The Professionals on TV, but I have to remind myself that for every Mini Cooper S there was an Austin Allegro around the corner, and that every canny e-bay seller knows this, and knows that I cannot necessarily tell the difference either, especially in the more esoteric areas of design. This much anticipated box of six tea spoons (teaspoons, fuck me, what AM I doing!) was a considerable disappointment in the spoon if not in the excellent graphic department. The spoons were overpriced tinny crap, the original box rather nice, but do I want to spend fifty quid on a small b0x? Meanwhile, if I translate retro design to 'things I'm doing now' I might find everything looking like a bad book on gestalt psychology from Pelican in 1973, and that wouldn't do at all.

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