Friday, 11 May 2012


Uncomfortably nose to nose on the third floor balcony of the Imperial War Museum with this, I thought, 'There is absolutely no way anybody could get in that and hurtle down a strip of grass to face death'. But they did. Up close, that Focke Wolf 190 looked very rickety indeed, technologically not far up from a  kids home made go cart. When I got home, I looked up a technical drawing of the Focke Wolf 190, and that suddenly looked very rickety too, basic beyond belief, and the 190 was one of the finest fighters of WW2. It made me realize how they could still have been fixing them up with slave labour in the factory beneath Tempelhof Airport even as the Soviet T34's hauled themselves across the aprons.
This afternoon, I found grown men holding 'I'm Here to Help' lollipops in Tescos. What would be a lot of help in Tescos would be if they didn't move the shit around all the time. They move the shit around all the time to keep us moving around the shop so that our lazy eyes will be attracted to one thing or another and so that we buy more. Hence, some unfortunates now need help in Tescos.
Fucking hell, both in one day. The consequences of ideology: compare and contrast.

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