Friday, 4 May 2012


Slowly, even though Scott's still in Scotland, the green lights start beeping and we are coming back to life.  It feels like the re-boot of Apollo 13. These external systems get plugged in one by one. Once stationary and to be honest, fairly crippled by pain like an old man, suddenly everything starts to work- of course it's pills and payments that do it, but before you know it your back cooking a fish pie. It felt especially good to turn on Planet Rock, which gave me, while whisking my roux, Queen's 'Now I'm Here', as good as they ever got, something about rooms on fire by Stevie Nicks which was deeply pleasant in the rhythm section, the seminal Orgasmatron from Motorhead which I should include in History lectures, and, as if they knew I was there on the receiving end, Thunderstruck from ACDC, by far the best intro of any rock record ever. I was dancing on fresh Roman quarry tiles I tell you.

(Above Cushicle by Mike Webb of Archigram. By the time I'm wearing one of these I suspect I'll be nearly dead.)

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