Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Conservatives and Sex

As far as I can see from Newsnight yesterday evening conservative mums are worried about their kids seeing porn and that means that when I buy a new computer I might have to register a particular interest in the colour pink with the authorities, and thereby go 'on the list'. Sentient adults should be worried about everything regarding this opinion.
For those conservative mums perhaps porn is to be banished entirely in utopia or at least be definitively hidden, a literally closetted affair. For nearly every young adolescent boy of my generation, this was, after all, where you found it, hidden within the business wallet of the fathers wardrobe. On the contrary the respectable side of sex was evidenced in an ominous and ghastly book called 'Ideal Marriage' perched up on the bookshelves. It was not a good read, and clearly it didn't do much for daddy either, hence the stash.
Porn becomes a problem when you make it a problem, it's definition is even deeply problematic. We sexualize children for profit, but we don't seem to like the consequences. Dealing with the consequences would mean making it clear that fucking up the arse (for there lurks the terror!) as a teen is a thoroughly bad medical idea, but surely it is medical professionals who should be saying that, not the churchwarden, and the medical professionals were not in evidence on Newsnight. The hapless BBC hamsters are clearly not prepared to discuss the issue at all.
Personally, I cannot guarantee that anal sex is problematic at all. I've met plenty of girls who say they like it, and I'm not even dallying in the gay side of things. We should enjoy the incredible advances we have made in sexual consciousness (and it has taken one hell of a long time) that has at least consigned 'Ideal Marriage' to the bin, while not exactly condoning it's replacement in 'Mommies Got Tits 3'. And EVEN when Slavoj Zizek sweetly maintains he can't believe any girl likes it, I would have to contradict him with the knowledge that I couldn't be so sure myself, not with that particular memory of the vodka bottle incident anyway, the one where I still remember her purring in my ear 'And now you know what I like, what would you like me to do to you!'
As a consequence I am incredibly re-assured that young people seem to know a lot more about sex than I did when I was reduced to ferreting in dad's wardrobe. They glean knowledge from it's ubiquity around them, and whilst that can't always be a pleasant experience, what with stumbling into dodgy characters in bedrooms in computer games and so on, they develop non the less.  Further, it seems embedded in their consciousness as far as I can see, that they have individual rights and feelings, since they bore us all to death with such things at every opportunity. Such an emphasis on feelings seems a rather primitive version of a self regulating market economy, which I thought conservatives enjoyed in the first place.

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