Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Exam Time

Exam time comes around again, and only the very sanguine survive as everybody in the architectural education business runs around from school to school bashing each other over the head. By the end of it you feel like one of those beaten centurions in the Asterix cartoons, collapsed against a wall, tongue hanging out, and seeing stars. The beatings can be ferocious, but they are always apparently for your own good.
I would usually have to assume the position, quite correctly I have to say, to a chorus in big letters shouting 'WHAT ARE ALL THESE CARTOONS!!!' However people get upset about all sorts of stuff 'WHERE'S THE CONTEXT!!!' or 'STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION!!!!!!!!!' BASH!! BIFFF! BOP!!!**? and there's never any magic potion left.
Asterix in Architecture School- I fear it will forever be so.  

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