Thursday, 7 June 2012

Craig Ellwood

So I'm literally sitting watching paint dry, along with the leopard skin stair carpet, which has become a very damp snow leopard. The smell of newly finished 'work on the flat'. I'm pleased I bought a fresh vinyl copy of 'Gaucho' to celebrate, and I have a glass of wine, and it feels bloody good. I've got a good feel for colour I can tell myself, even if it's a little eighties in my darkest moments. If fact, just like my students, I feel I should pass my exams. There's even a life size 'Change Girl' screen print from Reno c1965 which will be the pantry door tomorrow. Wow!
And, the AR likes my 'Reputations' piece on Craig Ellwood which you can all read next month, and the AR pays, there's satisfaction there. Hopefully next they'll allow me to do Albert Speer.
Ellwood was very cool, his instinct for Miesian purity extending to an extraordinary ability to live life for pleasures as he saw them. Some seek the solitary, contemplative, life on the day bed, but Ellwood was the opposite, you'd find him canoodling with the secretary on his. His exquisite CSH16 (1953) has a fridge for the cocktail glasses. Craig Ellwood, a rare beauty.

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