Sunday, 27 January 2013

Doing Your Taxes

Doing my taxes used to fill me with great misery and trepidation. As a young person you cannot enjoy accounting for yourself. Now, I figure it's not unlike cleaning the kitchen, and if you've made yourself a decent kitchen, it's not such a bad operation. However it still takes a whole weekend, and puts Julie in a rare funk. She's still young at heart.
Tax, of course, is something that no person under thirty should even begin to have to consider, and so you shovel cardboard boxes of crap to a friendly accountant who knows better, ignore his letters thinking they are retribution, and eventually ignore the letters from the Inland Revenue which will usually be cheques you will only discover, when they are well out of date, ten years later.
Those who do their taxes promptly and efficiently by themselves and who are under thirty, I see as symptomatic of a failing generation who are well in need of my courses on Critical Thinking.

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