Wednesday, 9 January 2013

No More Heroes?

There is surely more to the abandoning of the blue plaque scheme than squeezing of budgets. Perhaps there are no more heroes, and we are entering a sort of Logan's Run theme world. It is tempting to think this given the undoubted difficulties the blue plaque committee must have faced whenever they tried to decide who and who should not get a plaque, given that we live in times where every little bit of effort has to be cherished as heroic and nobodies heard of, say, Mick Ronson. I do like Logan's Run a great deal, but only the bits with Jenny Agutter soaked in that green dress. Should we be fighting this phenomenon to re-instate the idea of heroic progress and counter all this post-modern nonsense?
Or perhaps that it's just that as you get older it's inevitably harder, personally, to appreciate Squat Diddly Associates design for a parametric tennis court and your attention deviates more happily to contemplation of Walter Gropius's historic sexual prowess. Note post modernist architects all seemed to turn in their fifties, Jim Stirling would be a prime example. Certainly there is a point to that too, my old Professor Kit Allsopp first reduced all architecture to sheds, then reduced it to sheds in forests, and now has given up on the sheds altogether, and just paints trees. Will the sap disappear entirely? Certainly those who attempt to defy the aging process begin to look like twats, I note this happens to almost all male chat show hosts, with UK exemplars Michael Parkinson and Jonathon Ross. Ross has become a particular self parody, and anyway, how can anybody maintain that sort of interest in celebrity gossip for a whole lifetime? That seems particularly squalid. Has architecture become just celebrity gossip?
Meanwhile thinking of Mick Ronson, David Bowie pops up again to excruciate matters. He's been ill, he's sixty five, 'he just works on his music at home' but most of all he's 'the master of re-inventing himself' well you can't do that forever can you?

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