Monday, 18 February 2013

Buying Headphones

I must be almost the last person in the world to buy a pair of headphones. I've always refused to can the music at home, but suddenly I feel I have elderly neighbours, I feel responsible, so I do it. Also, I have the day bed, the headphones and a day bed may be a boon. However it is not easy to buy headphones. I asked my students and some of my old students for recommendations. My own researches led me to think I might enjoy a tank proof pair of German Maestro 835D's, but my reliable younger friends point me in the way of Sennheiser HD598's. They know me well, I like a bit of wood trimming.
What impressed me about the Sennheissers was that one reviewer, and I read many, said they looked good when you took them off, like after a satisfying stint with them on. I thought that was a pretty profound way to be thinking about headphones, assuming they sound brilliant of course. Other reviewers said the styling reminded them of seventies cars like the the Austin Princess, but I thought that was a bit mean. I like the seventies styling, like I like Wheeler Dealers and old cars in general. Cream leather could be just the thing. Meanwhile, these are certainly headphones designed never to annoy anyone on the bus, with a chunky 6.3mm traditional jack and 3m cable, they say you're staying at home. Others said they were the most comfortable phones you could buy, with no other faults, so that finally did it for me.
I wait eagerly for the postman.

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