Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Zizek's Tee Shirt

You learn a lot from Slavoj Zizek, but more to the point you learn it in an interesting way, I'm sure most of what we learn from him is not through reading his books, but by watching him on YouTube. I noticed a comment yesterday "I could watch him all day!' indeed but it's hard to read him all day. Perhaps Slavoj is theory for the generation who, as predicted long ago by first Nietzsche then McLuhan, wouldn't read. But they get him because of his twitching and scratching and the sweat slowly seeping in to his motley grey tee shirt, with his jokes about being miserable, with his anal fixation, with cunning use of the Kinder Surprise. I've been told he beguiles us with an act, but if he does, so what, what isn't acting? I'm watching. His take on 'sustainability' as well as the slowly degrading state of his tee shirt, is captivating below:

YouTube Slajov Zizek on Architecture and Aesthetics.

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