Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Inappropriate 2

I note that 50% of our alcohol is missing. This is a splendid statistic, thank god for that. The alternative is that the state have the measure of everything.
Today I noticed a fly poster concerning our latest round of student elections. The candidate put, at the top of the page, that all lectures should be made available on line. This may seem a helpful scenario if you are laid up in bed one Friday morning at nine am, but it is daft. If my lectures were recorded by the authorities, they soon wouldn't exist. What goes in Vegas stays in Vegas, and that's what he's paying for. Eventually I suppose an accountant will suggest we doing everything on line by subscription, but that would be very dull.
I have behaved inappropriately far too often, but when I really think about it there are plenty of occasions when, in hindsight, if I'd behaved more inappropriately my (might have been) girlfriends (for instance) would have been much happier. At the same time I have also been deemed 'inappropriate' when I thought I was being thoroughly reasonable, even righteous. You can't win with a word like 'inappropriate'.
So actually, what should I make of Snakecharmer? I very much enjoy the comments below.

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