Wednesday, 6 March 2013

DeDe on the Moon

There are many odd things about landing on the moon. Firstly there was no outside handle to the lunar modules 'door'. If you shut it, you were stuck there for an eternities worth of 'I told you not to shut the fucking door' from your only friend. Secondly you had to jump off a ladder into something you had no idea about, making the 'small step for man' stuff idiotic (you'd be saying something far richer than that) and thirdly you must have been most concerned that the stitching on your space suit, done by the ladies who conventionally did knickers, well that it might...come undone. But most curious of all is that squirrelled away on Apollo 12 (the second landing) was Ms DeDe Lind, Playboys Miss August 1969. She of course appears above as she did then, about to demonstrate, ostensibly as nature intended but for make up, bow and knickers, Newtons Laws of Motion! Somebody at NASA must have been having a laugh, and perhaps you would need to.
But it's even weirder than that, the issue of discrimination seems even more pertinent to space travel than most things. Julie is convinced that the first woman on the moon should have been a real woman and that the whole female astronaut gender bias thing was sinisterly hushed up. Indeed this seems highly plausible. The horribly predictable arguments against women being first on the moon, indeed the absence of women altogether, sound hugely stupid when you consider the immensity of the undertaking and it's importance for human kind in general. I doubt the Soviets suffered such weaknesses. So in fact I figure that what would have been best would have been to leave Ms August 1969 up there as a non degradable paper relic in the space hedgerow, as space junk in the space dust, to lie there forever as an inadvertent memorial to our strange human prejudices, to be discovered by aliens with wonder.
The image to the left is Buzz Aldrin hanging out the lunar washing. 

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